December 2018 Update

The last three months have seen some new opportunities present themselves and a planned opportunity come to fruition. As we enter into the season where we celebrate the birth of our Savior, let me (Andy) provide an update on what God is doing through PTC which gives us further cause to celebrate what He is doing today.

First, and foremost, PTC has officially expanded to another country. The idea for PTC originated from a trip to Kenya in 2016, and PTC taught its first two classes there (on site) in January 2018. The idea was to get one location up and running and evaluate from there with the expectation to go to Honduras to launch PTC there in 2018. After two internet classes in Kenya, Honduras is now a reality!

Andy traveled to Honduras in mid-November to observe the efforts of Amazing Comfort Ministries and the ministries they are supporting there.  (The work being done is very helpful and very necessary. Best of all, they are empowering the people of Honduras to make their lives better for the long haul. If you are familiar to the principles of When Helping Hurts, they are doing this quite well.) Andy’s greater goal was to get PTC launched within the country – and the launch was successful. The initial training took place on a Friday night and the following Saturday morning into the early afternoon. While the time was limited, it provided a scope of understanding for what PTC desires to do and whet the appetites for what is possible for the pastors in the area. A total of 36 pastors and church leaders attended with twelve different churches being represented. (One church sent almost every leader they have – about 15 or so!) The class focused on the four Gospels and dove deep into some aspects of each book. The training was very well received and some pastors who only had intentions to come Friday altered their plans to attend as much of Saturday as possible. The training was not without a challenge however, as the handouts provided had to be translated into Spanish overnight, which was simply an oversight on Andy’s part. But lesson learned (Andy’s Rule #5 – Failure creates an opportunity to learn.) The picture below is from those who were in attendance at the end of the training.

PTC Training in Honduras

Currently, the plans are to lead the first internet-based class sometime in the late winter (late February/early March), and establish that option as well. Then, after a few other internet-based classes, members of the PTC team will return to Honduras in 2020 to expand to build upon what has now begun and expand to new locations as well. Peter and his wife Kathy (pictured below and to the right with Andy) will be helping to coordinate the efforts in central Honduras.

Andy with Peter and Kathy

In addition to the upcoming class in Honduras. the coming months, PTC has multiple classes scheduled in Kenya, including the potential of a new location or two. New contacts are being made from our website and Facebook page and people are starting to contact us to see if we might be able to train pastors in their area. Despite having a presence in Kenya, it is a large country (about 80% the size of Texas), so we may be establishing more locations there in the near future.

The real challenge for PTC at present is a lack of funding. I know most people do not want to hear another request for funding from another organization, so I am not making the request public at this time. God provided just enough (JUST ENOUGH) to allow us to make the necessary equipment available for training in Honduras. And God has continued to provide when we have asked, but with upcoming classes and the need for translation and to pay the cost of internet service in these areas, more funds are needed. So, my request is that you pray. Pray for PTC to receive the necessary funds and also for us to know where God is leading us next. The reality is that He already has in mind what He wants us to do next and where that will be, but we do not have clarity. A few options are beginning to emerge, and after the success in Honduras, Andy’s simple prayer is “Where’s next?”

Will you join with PTC in asking God to reveal where He wants us to go next? Will you join in praying that God will make the necessary funding available for us to respond to the call when it comes? I have no doubt that He will provide if and when He calls. However, our prayer is that we can begin to have funds to better serve the areas where we teach. That begins with equipment and translation, but it can include more such as providing food (or at least snacks) for those in the training.  Over time, if we are to achieve our mission and fulfill the vision we believe God has for us, we will need far more funding than we have now, and those serving PTC will need to give far more of ourselves than we can currently afford to give.

But God has a plan, and that plan will come to fruition in His time. So, in the meantime, please partner with us in prayer as we consider where God is asking PTC to go next. And ask Him to raise up some faithful and consistent donors for PTC in order to make His purpose possible through us.

In closing, we at PTC, wish each of you a very Merry Christmas. It is a great season to celebrate the coming of Jesus as a baby. But let us never forget that child had a purpose – to die, and rise again. In doing so, death was defeated for all who believe. And now, we can celebrate that God not only came to be with us on earth (Immanuel), but that we have the opportunity to be with Him for eternity.



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