June 2018 Update

In the May blog, we mentioned that the wait was over. Tax-exempt status was granted which allows us to move forward and receive contributions to help us serve the under-resourced pastors and church leaders in under-resourced areas around the world. While many organizations serve individuals and groups in various ways, our purpose is to provide free training to help these leaders be able to lead better and make disciples who will make disciples for generations to come.

Some of the flooding in Maralal where the training took place.

To make the training free we seek to provide each location with the necessary computer equipment, internet access, and pay for the teaching to be translated. The equipment is a one-time fee, but the internet access and translation are ongoing. These ideas have been mentioned in a previous blog, but in late May, we were able to put the idea to the test for the first time. The training was a success, however, we learned along the way.

You may have kept up with our posts on Facebook during the week of training (May 21-25), but I want to summarize a few thoughts here. Rains and flooding in the area where the church leaders gathered prevented several from attending, but those that did make it were very pleased with the training. It has been decided that future classes may be better if taught over a two-week period of four hours each day. Given the time difference of eight hours, this proposed change sounds great!

Unfortunately, the weather issues caused some power outages in their area and caused a few delays in the training, including a significant delay just as we were prepared to begin on the first day. Overall, the disruption was minor, and despite being in a very remote place, the internet connection was more than adequate to provide video-based training.

The pastors who were in attendance on Day 4 of the training – outside the building.

The training itself covered the Gospels in their morning and Spiritual Disciplines in their afternoons (the class was 1-9 am CT in America). Certainly, teaching the Gospels in such a short time meant it was abbreviated, but the training centered on key aspects of each book (such as Matthew’s focus on the teachings of Jesus, Mark’s emphasis on the servant nature of Jesus, etc.) which allowed the full story to be developed across all four Gospels. (Acts was scheduled for the Day 5, but because of the power issues on Day 1, it was determined to focus on more disciplines on the final day).

Some of the pastors inside the training room watching Andy as he taught on the screen.


Again, the training was successful, and the model was proven effective. We can, and will, improve the process, but we had to have a beginning. And that beginning was made possible through the donations of several individuals who made contributions through our website, through our Facebook page and by sending checks. We thank you greatly. The monetary need was due to a different dynamic than we had originally considered. We (the PTC Board) will be meeting next month to determine how this dynamic should be handled in the future, but without a doubt, the week of training that was recently completed would not have been possible without the generosity of so many. We thank you for your contribution and your belief in what we are attempting to do for the Kingdom.

For now, we will continue to post to this blog on a monthly basis. However, our intention is to provide more frequent updates as our ministry grows in the coming months and years. We will also be discussing some changes to our website to allow visitors to better see what is happening in specific areas of the world as God allows us to extend into new countries. As was mentioned in last month’s post, the time of waiting is over. We are energized with what is happening and are claiming the small victories along the way to reach for even bigger goals in the future.

Please continue to pray for us. And if you wish to support our work financially as well, we would certainly welcome any contributions.

(By the way, we are now established with Amazon’s Smile program. If you shop online at Amazon, every purchase you make could help provide funding through Amazon’s charitable wing. The setup is a one-time process and only takes about thirty seconds. If you have questions about how to set this up, please contact us through the Contact page on our website (http://pastortrainingcommunity.org/1_4_contact.html).

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