May 2018 Update

A few months have passed since an article has been posted here. Frankly, the time has been a time of waiting, and so little has happened. But now, we have some news to report that should allow us to move forward with our plans to train pastors and church leaders.

First, after several months of waiting, we have finally received approval as a 501(c)3 corporation. Thus, all donations made to PTC are tax deductible (and this is retroactive to last May when we first incorporated). With our tax-exempt status now secured, we will begin to solicit donations so we can begin to expand our ministry efforts. As mentioned in the previous post, those efforts have already begun in Kenya, and the efforts will now continue in Honduras.

Plans for our expansion to Honduras have now been made. The first training opportunity will take place in November of this year. Final details, including which course will be taught, have yet to be finalized, but the general plans are now in place. This is an important step because the training in Kenya was a natural place to start due to the idea for PTC originating there. But to expand to a second location is an indication that God is leading us in new directions.

We do have an urgent request for some donations related to an online training opportunity in Kenya next week. I have shared the details on my personal blog (here) and will share the link on the PTC Facebook page as well.

The silence is now broken, and more will be shared on this blog in the coming months. After several months of waiting (and frankly, wondering as well), our group has a renewed energy to see what lies ahead. I hope you will pray for us on our journey.


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