And So It Begins…

Andy recently traveled to Kenya for a couple of reasons. As a pastor, he led some members of his church to extend the work their church has been doing there. This including telling Bible stories in various villages in the bush and building/extending relationships with some of the church leaders in the area.

The second reason was to begin the process of training pastors! Andy, and one other trainer (Rick), trained 60+ pastors over a four day period. The pastors were arranged into two groups – one that spoke English well enough to not need a translator, and the other which needed the presentation translated into Swahili. Both groups received the same information over a two day period with Andy and Rick switching locations after the second day. Andy led the pastors through the book of Mark providing cultural and theological insights while going passage by passage. Rick taught an overview of church history using Galatians 4.4 as a launch point and moving quickly (again, it was an overview) to the 20th Century.

Group photo of the pastors who were trained in Kenya – 2018. Andy is in the red on the right, holding a child. Rick is on the left in the yellow with a vest. The other mzungu (white people) are Mike (left front) and Roger (back, mid-left) who were on the team doing great work in the bush.

Besides teaching the pastors, discussions were held with the two leaders who will be key in helping schedule and facilitate the training in two different locations in Kenya. The necessary equipment was delivered to allow for the training to take place as well. However, as successful as the trip was on all fronts, a few considerations for the training need to be re-evaluated. The PTC Board will be discussing these items soon to make sure that we can be effective in Kenya and elsewhere. It was also decided by the leaders in Kenya that a full-launch of this training should take place in May. We had a successful trial and mini-launch, but the delay gives us a few months to work out a few details.

This trip took place approximately seventeen months after the idea first started percolating in the minds of those who went to Kenya in late August 2016. This team arrived in Kenya exactly eleven months to the day that PTC first became a concrete thought with a name. Now, we have three months to make a few adjustments to our game plan and then we will fully launch. In some ways, this process has been slow, but in others, it is moving very fast. May will come soon enough, and then, Lord willing, we will be able to see a great deal of fruit in Kenya and, soon after, beyond.


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