An Opportunity for Prayer

In the previous posts the background for PTC was shared. The goals and needs were expressed as well. One need that is constant with any ministry is prayer.

Over the course of the next several months, PTC plans to launch training locations in Kenya and Honduras. These will be the first two countries, but we believe God is already preparing the door to open for us in others. An interesting connection exists between the three countries involved (the US being the third). Over the last 14+ months, all three have held national elections that have spawned protests. The protests in America were mild by comparison, but corruption has been claimed in all three elections. The point here is not to engage in the political issues or charges, but to point out that the God of peace is needed in all places – including America, Kenya, and Honduras.

As PTC begins to teach pastors in these, and other places, the need for God to be present in the teaching is very real. Bible believing and professing churches have the answer of hope. That hope is Jesus and the church leaders need to be strengthened in their knowledge and their faith to withstand the pressures surrounding them. If PTC can provide just a bit of encouragement along the way, then our purpose will be complete.

As the previous posts have stated, PTC realizes we play just one small part in helping educate the masses around the world. But doing our part still requires God’s people to supply resources, and the resource needed now is prayer. The first two training sites will be launched in Kenya by the end of this month and final preparations are being made to deliver the equipment and train the pastors. The team (of four) travelling actually has two primary purposes, but the establishment of the training locations for PTC is one of the two. Specific prayer is needed for a few items.

  • Health. Prayers for safety are certainly welcome too, but health concerns top the list. Two team members have had infections within the last week, and another learned he had diabetes this week. Health is a significant concern for this trip. Any prayer toward this issue is greatly appreciated.
  • Boldness. In addition to training, the team will engage in evangelism in the bush (desert). We pray God will use us for His glory and help people come to faith in Jesus. Please join us in praying for this as well.
  • Equipment. This is the first equipment that PTC will deliver. As much setup has been done as possible, but it must be transported, and the possibility of breakage is always an issue when checking luggage. Prayer for safe delivery of the equipment, that it will be setup easily, and continue to work would be greatly appreciated.
  • Evaluation. With this being PTC’s first official training, it is important that we do a proper job of assessing the entire process. The process has included equipment selection/purchase, setup, tracking, packing, and now shifts to training. Constructive feedback is important. Please pray that the training goes well, but also that the students will speak frankly about any positives and negatives, and that the leaders of the two locations will be able to provide constructive feedback as well.
  • Family.  I will not be specific here but two team members have concerns related to family. Of course, we all will have concerns, but prayers for the team’s families can help keep us focused on the task before us.

As I mentioned above, all ministry requires prayer. It is the greatest resource we have available to us – the ability to personally communicate with the Almighty God. If you would join in praying for and with us over the next couple of weeks especially, it would be greatly appreciated.

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