Why PTC?

In this blog’s first post, I wrote about how one drop of water combined with millions of others, over a great deal of time caused one of the most beautiful scenes on earth – the Grand Canyon. Effectively, that is what PTC is – one drop of water combining with many others to do God’s work to expand His Kingdom. In the next few articles on this blog, we would like to answer the big questions related to PTC and the work we are set to do. Today, we begin by answering the question of “Why?” and one aspect of the related question, “Why not…?”

Pastor Training Community was created to be one more drop as in the metaphor mentioned above. Many organizations are doing great work for Jesus throughout the world. Some organizations focus on material needs, others on health needs, on making water available, on training for job-skills, etc. Of course, not all organizations which are involved in these activities do so with intention to share the message of Christ, many do. However, the amount of need in the world cannot be met with the current number of groups involved. More people need to go, more groups need to be involved, and more people need to give of their time and resources. Only then will a bigger dent be made to fulfill Christ’s command to make disciples of all nations.

With that in mind, Pastor Training Community considers ourselves as adding to the number of individuals, and one additional group, engaged in the process of making disciples. Our primary purpose is to train pastors AND church leaders who live in under-resourced areas and therefore are likely under-resourced themselves. By training these leaders we pray that they will then train others – making disciples who make disciples – for generations to come.

Of course, many other organizations do similar work, so why not join an existing organization? The question is fair, and in a moment, I will briefly state how our approach does mean partnering with others. But first, let me tackle the question directly. I believe the answer begins with relationships. While our approach may be similar to some, and our goal may be common to many, a key difference is who we know and where they live. Such facts are true for any organization. Additionally, all organizations should have a mission which guides what they will do which includes, to some degree, who and where they will serve at a given time. After a trip to Africa last year, my (Andy) personal goal was to train pastors there. Another organization might agree, but perhaps not where I made connections. Subsequent conversations have PTC now planning to begin training in Honduras and Haiti, and a couple of other countries are being considered pending further conversations.

Our size (small) and flexibility (we are just starting) allows us to consider moving in new directions quickly – as resources allow. However, resources are one limitation at present. Our funds are few, whereas, if we partnered with a larger organization we might have additional funds to launch new locations more rapidly. And this leads us to the second part of the answer to the “Why not…?” question.

Although our plans are to train many pastor and church leaders in many locations throughout the world, we do not intend to employ but a few people. Therefore, although we are not officially joining other organizations, we intend to partner with many (especially churches) which may have connections already in place. The logistics of these partnerships will take a great deal of coordination, but we are preparing ourselves for that day. So no, PTC is not looking to be a part of another organization; however, we do intend to partner with many organizations and individuals to fulfill Jesus command of making disciples. Again, each of us (as individuals or organizations) are just small drops of water. But as we each do our part, collectively, we partner with God to expand His Kingdom and make great changes in this world.

Next post: How did PTC come to be?

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