Hello world!

Hello world – from WordPress.

To provide a more complete blogging experience for the reader and writer, PTC will now be using WordPress. This new blog will launch in mid-October, but in this initial post, let me share the reason for the background picture.

The background picture, of which you can only see part, is of the Grand Canyon. I have included the picture here in order for the river to be seen.

Grand Canyon

The reason this picture was chosen was because of the great impact the river has made. The Grand Canyon is one of the most magnificent natural wonders on earth. But without the water from the Colorado River carving out the rock, little by little over many, many years, the canyon would not be so grand. The Colorado River’s source is a lake in north central Colorado. Thus this river travels many miles over all types of land before its masterpiece is found. And then the river continues without fanfare into Mexico and into the Gulf of California.

The Colorado River’s impact on the terrain now called the Grand Canyon is far less than the impact the Word of God can have on people. Sometimes the change is immediate, but most times the progress is seen over many, many years as He chips away at us little by little. This progress is part of the process of discipleship which is why Pastor Training Community (PTC) exists.

PTC has been organized to help make disciples who make disciples. We plan to do this by reaching into remote regions to provide quality Bible and ministry-related training to pastors who may be under-resourced and/or live in regions that lack the resources to have traditional education opportunities. Beginning in mid-October, we will begin to share our vision through this blog, our website, and social media (search for us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn).

PTC realizes that our influence may seem insignificant with so many pastors and church leaders needing to be discipled. However, like a drop of water which flows downstream from northern Colorado, if we partner with others and stay on the course set before us, the impact we make over time can be far more than we can possibly imagine. After all, it is truly God who is ultimately doing the work, and it is He who should also get the glory (Ephesians 3.20-21).