Our Vision

To develop and be a part of a community of servants training pastors and church leaders to serve others around the world.

Our Mission

To equip pastors and church leaders worldwide who will make disciples who make disciples for generations to come. (Matthew 28.19-20; 2 Timothy 2.2)

Our Values

  • To learn, following as true disciples of the Great Calling. (Matthew 4.19; Mark 1.17)
  • To live, knowing the truth of the Great Confession. (Matthew 16.16)
  • To love, striving to obey the Great Commandment. (Mark 12.29-31)
  • To lead, seeking to fulfill the Great Commission. (Matthew 28.19-20; Acts 1.8)

Our Strategy

We will accomplish our mission and live out our values by:

  • S - Seeking God to know where He would have us to serve pastors/leaders. 
  • E - Establishing relationships with key individuals and translators in each training location. 
  • R - Requiring standards to be met for those who are being trained (qualifications) and for those training (guidelines). 
  • V - Visiting each location occasionally (as possible) to maintain personal presence, develop relationships, and disciple in a way that cannot be done from afar. 
  •  I - Instructing others with the best resources available given parameters set by the Board (i.e. financial or other considerations) 
  • N - Nurturing employees and servants of PTC to fulfill their specific calling. 
  • G - Giving (of) ourselves knowing our success is dependent on the giving of others.

Board of Directors

Dr. Andy Braams, Chairman & Founder
Stacie Bratcher, Secretary & Treasurer
Rick Sons, Board Member
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